How to Redeem Your Nexon Coupon Code

Got a Nexon Coupon code on your hands but don’t know how to use it? You’ve come to the right place! This guide will show you how to redeem your code so you may enjoy the many perks Nexon Japan has to offer you in their games!


  • To start, you will have to log in to Nexon Japan. You may do so by clicking here. If you don’t have an account yet, feel free to check out our guide on how to make an account here.

  • You will be taken to a page identical to the one below. Input your Nexon Japan username in the “Nexon ID” box. Your password goes into the text box directly below the ID. The checkbox below is a “Remember me next time” box, which is completely optional. When you are done, click on the blue box to the right that says 「ログイン」


  • Once you have logged in, you will be taken back to the main page. On the very top right corner of the page, you will see your username. Click on it. My username (for example’s sake) is dasda_azuarius, so I would click on that.


  • You are now in your account page. Before you can redeem your Nexon Coupon code, you must take care of some information first! Click on the button outlined in the box below. The button says 「変更する」


  • You will then be greeted with the screenshot below. Follow the instructions in the screenshot to complete this section. If you wish to fake your information for the sake of completion, here is what you can put in for each box (in order from left to right, top to bottom):

Last name (in Japanese characters): 山田
First name (in Japanese characters): 太郎
Last name (in furigana): ヤマダ
First name (in furigana): タロウ
Telephone number: 813-1234-5678
Birthday: You choose! Be sure to make yourself at least 19 years of age though.


  • After you have clicked the button on the bottom of the page, you will be met with a popup with yet another blue button. Click it. This is for you to confirm that your information has been changed. You will need to visit your email inbox to complete this step!


  • After you are done, along the top, you will see a header identical to the one in the screenshot below. Click on the box that says 「ポイント」, which is also outlined in the screenshot.


  • Scroll down a bit to see the following boxes. Click on the one outlined in the screenshot below.


  • Again, click on the blue button outlined in the screenshot below.


  • Same thing, click on the blue button.


  • You will then be taken to the page as shown in the screenshot below. Put in your Nexon JP code. Once you are done, click on the button that says 「チャージ内容を確認する」


  • After confirming your redemption, you are done! You may now spend your Nexon Points however you want. Happy gaming, everyone!

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