How to Create a Recochoku Account

Looking to purchase the hottest Japanese songs? There’s no better place to do it than on Recochoku! This guide is written for those who do not understand Japanese, but still wish to use Recochoku to buy music.


  • A valid email address.


  • To get started, head on over to Recochoku’s website by clicking here. You will be taken to a page identical to the screenshot below. Click on the box outlined below in red to begin the registration process.


  • On this page, you are given two options to sign up. You can either put in a valid email address or alternatively, you can sign up directly with your Facebook account. However, for the sake of the guide, we will be signing up with an email address, so click on the box that is highlighted in red below.


  • Follow the instructions in the screenshot below. Simply type in your email address in the text box and click on the button that says 「上記に同意して送信」 when you are finished.


  • This is the email you will get from Recochoku. If you are using Recochoku with your PC or smartphone, click on the first link on the email (this applies to most people, so if you are unsure, click on the first link). The second link is for those accessing Recochoku with an older phone, typically on a flip phone.


  • After you have clicked on your verification link, you will be taken to the signup page. Follow the instructions in the screenshot below to complete your registration.


  • Click on the box highlighted in red below to continue.


  • And you’re done! You have successfully signed up for a Recochoku account. To start buying music from Recochoku, get your hands on a Recochoku Prepaid Gift Card from Japan Codes. Click here to start shopping for one today.

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