How to Create a Japanese WebMoney Account

WebMoney JP is a safe and easy-to-use service that allows you to purchase content online wherever WebMoney JP is accepted as a payment method. This guide will teach you how to make a WebMoney JP account so you can get started with your shopping!


  • A valid e-mail address.


  • To begin, head on over to the WebMoney JP sign up page by clicking here. You will be taken to a page that looks identical to the screenshot below. Click on the box highlighted in red to start the sign up process.


  • Type in your e-mail address into the red box highlighted below. When you are done, click on the button that says 「次へ」。


  • Go to your e-mail address. You will have received an e-mail from WebMoney to confirm your account. Click on the link below to continue.


  • You will then be taken to the sign up page. Follow the instructions in the screenshot below.


  • After you have completed the sign up form, go back to your e-mail inbox and locate another e-mail from WebMoney for another confirmation code. Take the confirmation code from the message and put it into the text box (this page will appear immediately after the completion of the sign up form). PLEASE note that even after signing up for your account, you will CONTINUE getting this confirmation code every time you log in, so you must check your e-mail every single time you want to access your account.


  • And you’re done! What are you waiting for? Pick up your own WebMoney JP card here at Japan Codes today! Click here to get started!

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