How to Create a Japanese Nexon Game Account

Like many other websites, Nexon has separate “stores” (in this particular case, game servers) for each region. Originally a Korean company, Nexon has since expanded to areas like Japan, Europe, North America and Southeast Asia (SEA). Nexon’s most prominent games include or have included MapleStory, Mabinogi, Sudden Attack, Atlantica, Combat Arms (NA) and Vindictus (NA). Since this article focuses on Nexon Japan, you may find the whole list of games that you can use your Nexon Coupons for by clicking here.


  • An unused valid email address.


  • To get started, click on this link. You will be taken straight to the signup page.
  • Input your email address in the text box. When you are done, click on the blue button that says 「メールを認証する」


  • Next, you will get a confirmation from Nexon Japan to verify your email address. Head on over to your respective provider and locate the email (for some, the email may end up in the junk mail). You will get an email that looks similar to the screenshot below. Click on the link you are provided to proceed with the signup.

address thing

  • After clicking your verification link, you will be taken to the page similar to the one in the screenshot below. You must fill in the three blanks to continue. The first blank is the Nexon ID (the username you will log in with from now on), and the blanks below are the “Password” and “Password Confirmation” boxes respectively. The box to the right of the password is simply a password guide. The password must be written using English characters, between 6-20 characters long and it cannot be identical to your Nexon ID. And remember, NEVER give out your password to anyone!

  • In addition, there is a checkbox near the bottom of the screenshot. You are given the option to receive newsletters from Nexon to your email (you will get emailed once or twice per month), but you can opt out of this by unchecking the box.

  • When you are done with your login information, click on the button that says 「入力内容と利用規約の確認へ」


  • In this page, all you will need to do is click on the check box circled in the screenshot below. You will be checking off the “I agree to the Terms of Services” box. When you are done, click on the button that says 「登録完了」


  • And you’re done!


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