How to Create a Japanese Account is an incredibly popular website for you to purchase products online! Products like anime, manga, movies and games are only a click away. This tutorial will guide you in making your account!


  • A valid e-mail address.


  • To get started, click here to access’s registration page. Once you are there, follow the instructions in the screenshot below. Click on the button outlined in red to continue.


  • Click on the box outlined in red to be taken to your e-mail address provider directly. Otherwise, go to your e-mail inbox yourself.


  • In’s e-mail to you, there will be a link (which may or may not be clickable). Either click it or paste it into your browser.


  • Click on the button outlined in red to continue.


  • And you’re done! If you are ready to get shopping, consider buying a gift card from us by clicking here!

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