How to Create a Japanese Amazon Account

On, you can purchase the latest Japanese anime, movies, manga (even in eBook format with Amazon’s famous Kindle application—which doesn’t even require you to own a Kindle!), Blu-rays, electronics, furniture, appliances and much more. Amazon is nothing short of a one-stop shop to fit all of your needs. In addition, Amazon Gift Cards act as the perfect gift for your loved ones to allow them to have freedom over what they want to buy! In this guide, we will teach you how to make your own Japanese Amazon account so you can get your shopping spree on.


  • A valid email address.


  • To get started, head on over to Amazon’s sign in page by clicking here. Fill in the text box with your e-mail address, change the option to 「初めて利用します」, and click on the button highlighted in red to continue.


  • Fill in the blanks accordingly. Your name does not need to be written in Japanese, so writing in English letters will do just fine. Alternatively, if you wish to write your name in Japanese, remember that the second blank is for furigana (this means write your name in katakana).


  • And you’re done! Consider purchasing an Amazon Gift Card with us by clicking here so you can snag the hottest deals!

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