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Three 3DS Games Worth The Money

As it is already well known, this year Nintendo added a new member to the handheld family: the New Nintendo 3DS. The name isn’t the only thing new about the system, the system is faster than the previous 3DS, has Amiibo functionality and some exclusive games. For those that would look into getting a 3DS in general, here are just a few games that are definitely worth the wait.

Animal Crossing New Leaf: 814zkcBpsKL._SL1500_ This game is almost like My Sims Kingdom, I should have my 3DS confiscated for saying that but let me finish. The fact that you own a home, is similar to My Sims Kingdom. However, this game is far better than that. In New Leaf, you travel to the town that you randomly name but are mistaken as the new Mayor. Even though this was a mistake, you take responsibility for this and enjoy life in your own town full of animals. After gaining the towns 100% trust, you’re able to build foundations an d just continue enjoying life as the Mayor. The game never ends and is also real-time based, so the only way you can get a game over is if you neglect the game. Trust me, if you’re gonna play this game make sure you play for at least an hour a day.

Fire Emblem Awakening or Fates(If): 81FTXe7QynL._SL1072_ I haven’t played either of these games, also considering the fact that Fates hasn’t released in America yet. However if you’ve played Smash Bros., then you should know what Fire Emblem is. That enough makes you want to learn of it, and you’ll learn that Awakening is a great game. It’s a turn-based RPG and that is something I’m a sucker for. So if you like turn-based games or maybe even the Disgaea games, you would like this game. hero-hd-og Now with Fates, thats something I can highly recommend. From the other gameplay attributes of creating your own Kingdom, amiibo functionality and even the amazing music offered, this game is something you should definitely get behind.

Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance: kh3d-riku-sora-and-mickey-mouse-wallpaper2-1280x800 If you’ve played the Kingdom Hearts game and actually care about the story, definitely get this title. Dream Drop Distance not only adds a lot more to the story with more things that may be hard to understand, but it also changes up the way we’ve known to play(again). The combat is still a bit the same, however a new mechanic was added to also help with movement and fighting: Flowmotion. Grinding and flying across the skies, Flowmotion will help you offensively and defensively so get used to it. Lastly, one of the best things about this game is that you can also play as Riku and The World Ends With You makes an appearance. This game, as much as people hate the multi-platform side of it, is amazing. I’ve beaten the game in 5 days, so you can buy this game, beat it and then get your money back. But if you want to keep the game, do it because its worth it.

These are just three games for you to try out though. There are still many games in the 3DS library for you to enjoy, Japanese or English. Fire Emblem If has released in Japan already, so you can purchase a card from us in order to get it!