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Super Smash Bros. for 3DS/WiiU – Climax Review

Since the day it was announced, Super Smash Bros. was a big title for the Nintendo 3DS and WiiU. We would be getting our first Smash game for a handheld device and a game that could be 1,000 times better than Brawl. Mr. Masahiro Sakurai didn’t disappoint at all! Although the game has been out for a year, the DLC for the game actually ended February 3rd. So now that everything is out for the world to purchase, this will be a review of the entire game as a whole.

Smash Bros. or Sm4sh was a great fighting game prior to the DLC! With constant updates to balance out the game and its characters, sometimes it was always a surprise what could come next. Although many things have changed and their may not be another update, no sense in complaining! Before the DLC, we had a roster of 58 characters from various series, ranging from Mario to Fire Emblem and Pokemon to Xenoblade. We also received 3rd party characters: Pac-Man, MegaMan and Sonic – who returned from Brawl! Some characters are stronger than others, but many also have better options over other characters. To spice up the battle from a 1-on-1 with your friends, you can play with up to 4 people on a 3DS, up to 8 people on a WiiU, set up Team Matches, set Special Rules, turn on/off items or even go online to face people all around the world! Not only that, but with Mii Fighters and “Amiibo!”, there are over 100 different setups for you to make for your desired character. One downside to many of these characters is lack of representation or over-representation. For example, there are 8 Mario representatives and 3 Kid Icarus characters. Is Mario a big factor of Nintendo? Yes. But there are also many options for characters from the Kid Icarus series that could have also made it in. There are a few downsides to facing characters such as Rosalina and Luma. If Rosalina’s shield breaks, but Luma is still alive, you can actually use Luma while Rosalina is out cold. A shield break is supposed to be an opening for your opponent, it doesn’t seem to fair to have this one character be an exception.

One of the biggest things a game needs to grab someone like me is a great soundtrack, and Smash DEFINETLY delivers spectacular tracks. With some being original tracks from their respective origins, Smash gives life to new remixes of songs never seen from their origins. With tracks like Xenoblade Medley and Lost in Thought All Alone, battles can get heated along with the varying genres of music. One downside to all of these songs comes down to the 3DS. For each stage on the 3DS, there are only 2 songs that have a chance to playing – unlike the WiiU where you can choose what song you want to play.

Finally, down to the Climax! On April 28th, Mewtwo was the first DLC character released to the public. Although I never purchased him, seeing Mewtwo outside of a normal Pokemon battle is fun to watch. Using his Psychic-Type abilities to float across the stage and send enemies to the skies – he was definetely worth the hype! Although on the day he was released, Lucas from Brawl and Mother 3 was announced to return! On the day he returned, we also received some surprise characters: Roy from Melee and Fire Emblem, and Ryu from the Street Fighter series! On the day they released, I wrote an article about the Direct and expressed my excitement – and I still can’t believe it happened. Roy is the 2nd strongest swordfighter in the game, dealing a lot of damage with his flaming Sword of Seals. The King of Combos: Ryu was highly unexpected to join the challenge, but players of Street Fighter must have loved his addition to Smash Bros. as he still holds some of the same command inputs from his original games. That was back in June and we wouldn’t see another announcement of DLC until November 12th. We were shown one of the most epic things in gaming history, and something the whole world would never see coming. Cloud Strife, from Final Fantasy VII, stormed into battle with his Buster Sword and proved that Sakurai could make miracles happen! With his Buster Sword, he could string together combos that can send opponents to oblivion and with his Limit Gauge he can bring true destruction with just one Finishing Touch. We received him on December 15th, the day of the last Smash Direct. But on that day, there was more – Cloud and more. Corrin(Kamui) from Fire Emblem If/Fates set his fate to join the battle in Smash before his own game came out in America! Using the blood of the first dragons, Corrin can shred his opponents to death by manipulating parts of his body into a draconic form that can stab into the ground and provide a mix-up for players to trick others with. The final DLC we received was based upon the votes of everyone in the world. Through months and months of voting, on December 15th we saw and on February 3rd we received- The Umbra Witch, Bayonetta! This was a character I wanted, but never imagine would come due to her Mature rating. But Nintendo found a way to sneak her in and make me dance in excitement with the gal. Bayonetta can deal out long strings of combos with her aerial attacks such as her After Burner Kick and Witch Twist. Not only that, but using her Bullet Arts and Madama Butterfly, she can steal kills and send opponents flying from blast zone to blast zone.

Smash 4 was a very anticipated game for many people all around the world as soon as it was announced. Being able to receive and fight with a set of characters, old and new, it brought fun and competition for many to enjoy. Although updates for the game are finished, it won’t stop the world from enjoying such a fantastic fighting game that could last for years.