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SHOWTIME!! – Skullgirls Review

Set in the Victorian Era where our hair is possessed, androids attack and our singers are actually cat-skeletons, everyone is fighting for it – The SkullHeart. However, the only way to reach that is through one of the best arcade style 2D fighters known to Ladies and Gentlemen everywhere – Skullgirls!!

Skullgirls is a 2D Arcade-style fighting game created by Alex Ahad and Lab Zero Games. The basis of the game is that with the character you choose, you must journey through their story in order to reach the SkullHeart. The Skullheart is aThose who defeat the current Skullgirl, Marie, will be granted a wish. However, if there is any bit of selfishness within your wish, you will become the next Skullgirl(or Skullboy?). Be careful what you wish for, although, it is out of your control.

The basis of the fighting mechanics is choose your character and go wild! Just kidding, Skullgirls has a lot more to offer than just a story. It has a small but unique and quirky cast of characters such as the spunky Filia and F-Fukua, the wrestlers Beowulf and Cerebella and the blue haired nurse, Ms. Valentine. Not only can you learn of these fighters through their story mode, but you can create Teams of up to 3 in Local, Arcade and Online Play. If you think you’re not ready to go full force, you can always learn a thing or two at Ms. Victoria’s Training and Practice Mode.

Fighting is not all this game has to offer. Lab Zero went beyond gameplay and extensive combos to bring various eye capturing scenery and character designs. Not only that, but with a soundtrack featuring Ms. Michiru Yamane that has composed tracks from the Castlevania series, this is a game you simply can’t let go of in just a few months. You can also check out guest artwork in the Extras menu and even face one….seemingly unbeatable boss.

Skullgirls is a very beautiful thing to look at, but with the various playstyles of each character and a battle system that can handle combos of up to 99, this is truly a very fun fighting game. Skullgirls is available on Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 as Skullgirls Encore and on Playstation 4, Xbox One and Steam as Skullgirls 2nd Encore. The game is at a price of $15, but with 4 DLC Characters and a costume pack you may want to purchase, the game will rise up to a price of $40(unless it goes on sale). However, if you don’t have the money for Skullgirls and are still interested in the game, you can visit my YouTube channel and watch me and my friends face off against each other!

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