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WebMoney JP is a safe and simple way to pay for Japanese goods and services online. It is easy to use and incredibly convenient. WebMoney JP is used wherever it is accepted as an alternative payment method to credit cards and debit cards. WebMoney JP is especially handy if you do not live in Japan, as anyone can use a prepaid card and indulge in shopping for Japanese products. If you are unsure of how to make a WebMoney JP account, click here to get started!

Product Features

  • Safe and secure, WebMoney JP does not require you to share too much confidential information.
  • Very convenient to use. All it takes to make a payment is a WebMoney JP account. You can check your balance on the WebMoney JP wallet page.
  • Accepted on many Japanese websites. You can buy various different things with a WebMoney JP card, such as (and not limited to): premium items for games, eBooks, music, movies, online shopping and much more!