Recochoku Prepaid Card 3000 JPY


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With a Recochoku Prepaid Card, you are able to purchase all of the hottest Japanese songs from the Recochoku Music Store. Recochoku is not only simple to use, but also highly efficient. In addition to songs, you are also able to purchase ringtones off of Recochoku.

We also have guides available on how to make a Recochoku account and how to redeem a prepaid card. Click here to get started!

Please note: While you do not need a Japanese VPN to make an account with Recochoku, you will require one if you wish to redeem a gift card or purchase products on the website. VPNs are available online and relatively easy to find. Japan Codes will NOT assist in you finding a VPN, but we can provide support if you need help with translations.

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