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Purchase online games on NEXON games platform with with NEXON Coupon.

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Product Description

Originally a Korean company, NEXON has since expanded to various other regions in the world, including North America, Southeast Asia, Japan and Europe. NEXON has come a long way since its beginning and now hosts various popular games, such as MapleStory, Mabinogi, Atlantica, Mabinogi Heroes (also known as Vindictus in NA), Devil’s Third Online, Sudden Attack and much much more.

Product Features

  • With a NEXON Coupon, you can redeem it for a type of virtual currency that allows you to purchase various premium items and services that enhance your gaming experience.
  • Safe, easy to use and hugely convenient. You do not need to a Japanese credit card or debit card to get started.
  • Very simple redemption method. Click here to learn how to make a Japanese NEXON account to get started.