NET CASH 5000 JPY Gift Code


A kind of prepaid electronic money in Japan. Just input a NET CASH gift code and you can pay for your online shopping in many different places.

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Product Description

NET CASH acts as prepaid electronic money provided by NTT Card Solutions Corp. Since registration is unnecessary, your personal information is safe! Just input a gift code and you can pay for your online shopping in many different places. It is also available for purchase at any convenient store in Japan.

NET CASH is Safe

There is no need to expose your personal information when using NET CASH as there is no registration process, and subsequently no need to worry about potential unauthorized transactions. NET CASH is safe, secure and reliable.

NET CASH is Easy

There are no bank transfers or fees involved and you don’t need to worry about making an account. As long as NET CASH is an accepted payment method on the online store you are shopping with, all you need to do is type in your NET CASH gift code and your payment will be complete.

NET CASH is Convenient

  • You can check your remaining wallet balance on the NET CASH homepage.
  • You can complete a single order using multiple NET CASH gift codes.
  • Earn reward points if you checkout using your NET CASH Wallet account.

Anyone can use NET CASH

There is no age limit for NET CASH gift codes. Anyone can buy one and use it online without any limits!

Special Note

NET CASH 5000 JPY gift code will let you purchase up to 3000 JPY value in multiple times. Please don’t lose your code until you used up all its total value.