Ameba Prepaid Card 10000 JPY


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Product Description

Ameba is a highly popular social networking site that focuses especially on blogging. On Ameba, there is a virtual community known as Ameba Pigg, where you make an avatar, customize it and socialize with other people. On Ameba Pigg, you can visit replicas of real life landmarks in game or you can decorate your room with furniture that can be bought with different types of virtual currencies. Upon redemption, the Ameba Prepaid Card allows you to purchase various premium items from games or services on Ameba.

Safe and easy to use

Rather than inputting your personal information to buy Ameba Gold, the Ameba Prepaid Card offers you a safe and easy way to buy Ameba Gold to customize your avatar and furnish your room. You can enjoy all of the perks Ameba Pigg has to offer without having to worry about security issues.