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So I Can’t Play H, Vol. 1 Review

When one imagines a grim reaper, an image of a tall figure with a dark robe and a long scythe comes to mind. Luckily for Ryosuke Kaga, his first encounter with the personification of death was with someone much prettier than expected. That grim reaper is none other than Lisara Lestorl who comes from the most distinguished house of all grim reapers. Her task is to find someone worthy and form a contract with such person. Unfortunately her search comes to standstill because of her unfamiliarity with the human world. Ultimately, what is at stake here is Lisara’s pride as a grim reaper, she cannot go home until she finds a worthy contract partner. Although Ryosuke could careless about Lisara’s objective, the idea of being around a beautiful girl certainly does persuade him into helping her.

So I Can’t Play H! is a supernatural comedy ecchi that relies more on its comedic and ecchi aspect in order to entertain its reader. Ryosuke’s perversion and desires are often the prime targets for hilarity. At first glance, Ryosuke appears to be a goofball who is mainly focus on a girl’s erotic body. But closer inspection reveals that his honest expressions are what draws other characters closer to him. The first volume of a series is often regarded as the most important volume, therefore it is understandable that the supernatural aspect played a minor role in the beginning of this manga. The only supernatural mechanism that was included in this manga was the fact that Lisara needed to form a contract with Ryosuke in order to continue her adventures in the human world. The only drawback is that Ryosuke’s libido is heavily drain from him in order to sustain Lisara’s life. Thus he goes out of his way to regain his libido and help Lisara.

Those unfamiliar with the ecchi genre may be interested to know that it basically boils down to the main protagonist getting involve in as many perverted situations with as many girls as possible. I agree that this premise can get repetitive at times but this manga manages to find the right balance between perversion and comedy. It’s still a bit unclear whether or not the supernatural elements will play a heavy role in future volumes, but it certainly is not the main feature for the first book.

Common sense seems to dictate that if a manga’s main appeals are sexy girls and perverted situations, the art has to be visually appealing. Sho Okagiri who is the main artist does a good job of drawing the various scenarios and character expressions. What makes Yoshiaki Katsurai suitable as a character designer for this series is his vast experiences of designing erotic characters. The fan service is not as overwhelming as other ecchi manga. Overall the art does its job and provide a lot of sexy displays for the reader.

It’s been said that there is nothing new under the sun and So I Can’t Play H! is an example of this. With most ecchi manga, there won’t be any thought provoking or intellectually stimulating ideas, but what is there will appeal to the target audience. If you are a fan of ecchi manga, So I Can’t Play H! will keep you entertain with its comedy. Those who are new to the ecchi genre should give the first manga a try before buying other volumes.