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Naruto Ultimate Ninja Retrospective – Part 2

The reason Ultimate Ninja 4 was hard to find may be because of Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm releasing 2008 and 4 releasing 2009. Also with Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 releasing in 2010, there wouldn’t be a reason to continue with Ultimate Ninja 5 on the PS2. At this point, we are heading to Ultimate Ninja’s big move from a 2D fighter, to a 3D.

Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm: A new way to introduce fans new and old to Naruto was to completely start from the beginning and in 3D. Storm only keeps a few elements from the original Ultimate Ninja lineup, but takes a bit from each game. For the story mode, an RPG format was kept where you could freely travel all around the areas that followed the story and a bit beyond. The battle system was heavily altered, but easy to get adjusted to. The biggest change being the game was now in full 3D. Support characters returned and became a main staple, Boss Battles for story mode were implemented, and one of the best changes: Awakening. When your health drops to a certain amount, your character is able to transform and/or gain a heavy burst of power. This mode is only limited for a certain amount of time, so it would be best for you to finish your opponent off quickly. All in all, this game was a great start to Naruto’s move into the next-gen(of then).

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2: Keeping almost everything from before, Storm 2 continues the story of Naruto up until Pain’s attack on Konoha. The battle system wasn’t changed except for a few things, when caught in an Ultimate Jutsu there is no way to stop it or take less damage, you had the option to play without support characters and you could now unleash a Team Ultimate Jutsu with your support characters.. Other than that, the game is basically the same except with a roster increase of 25 to 42. However, two things that did change the game a bit was a guest fighter: Lars Alexandersdon from Tekken 6. He was one of my favorite characters to play, however he only stayed for that game. And the addition of online play, where you could battle many other players across the globe. This also was the first time the Ultimate Ninja series made its way onto Xbox 360.

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations: With new characters being added and having Tournament and Challenge mode implemented, there isn’t much to say about this game. As an anniversary title, it didn’t do much for the Naruto series. The story mode was changed similar to Ultimate Ninja 1, where you could choose certain character’s stories and play them. Other than that, cutscenes were made to be just like the anime. It wouldn’t be best to get this game at all, unless you wanted it to complete your Naruto collection.

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3: Continuing the story from Storm 2, Storm 3 lasts until the climax of the Third Great Ninja War. With hardly any changes on the battle system, a new feature was implemented on states. When fighting on a stage that has a cliff or edge, you can knock fighters against that edge 3 times for a ring out and automatic win. The story retains its function as last time, except for most boss battles. When entering a boss battle, the player is able to choose the difficulty of Legend and Hero. Depending on the difficulty you choose, different takes on the battle and cutscenes will happen and may even unlock secret cutscenes. Even though the game is a bit outdated because of Revolution, I would still suggest buying it. There is also DLC that takes the story a bit further with Sasuke, Itachi and Kabuto.

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution: Being the last Storm game for PS3, it had to go out with a bang and a lot of fun. With 118 characters in the roster and the special Mecha-Naruto character, things were sure to change. For the battle system; some characters now have two stage awakenings, a new form of Team Ultimate Jutsus were created where if you make a team between certain characters, they will have their own combination attack. A new support system was created, counterattacking, guard breaking and some other cool things. The game has 4 separate stories for you to play through, to avoid spoilers I’ll only say that one of the stories features Mecha-Naruto. A new game mode was added called Ninja World Tournament, where you face off against three CPU to collect as many orbs as possible in an all-out battle royal. This mode is very similar to the Clash of Ninja Revolution series on the Wii, so people who’ve played those games may find this easy. With this being the latest game in the franchise and the last one for PS3, you should definitely pick it up if you want to have a good time.

With Revolution being the latest installment of the series, the retrospective is almost over. The final part will talk about Storm 4 and what we have seen since its announcement to now.