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My Love Story!! Vol.3 Review

My Love Story!! Volume 3 is filled with lighthearted romantic comedy that readers have come to known and loved about the story. At the same time, light jabs about a character’s flaws can be tiresome at times. Perhaps this is why the authors have decided to give Sunakawa a bit more screen time in this volume. Obviously Takeo and Yamato are still the main attraction of this manga, however it was nice to see Sunakawa in his usual support role, even though the two couples have been together for awhile now. It was nice to see some slice of life elements in this volume now that the two couples are officially dating. Overall this volume focus more on the normal everyday lives of Takeo, Yamato and Sunakawa rather than include any significant plot development. The most important event in this manga, arguably has to when Takeo decide to study seriously in order to get into the same college as Yamato. And even then the situation itself end in a comedic fashion and the reader is left with a snicker or two.

Similar to volume 2, volume 3 includes many seemingly random events thrown together at once. For example in this volume the reader gets to celebrate Sunakawa’s birthday, enjoy a trip to both the mountain and the sea with Takeo and Yamato, and lastly watch Takeo try his best to study for a college entrance exam. The events by themselves are very plain however it is the character’s interactions with one another that lead to an enjoyable read. Takeo’s impecable timing to protect and save everyone that he encounter is delightful and the authors uses this motif sparingly. This way it does not get repetitive and serve as a good reminder of how entertaining Takeo can be regardless of what he is doing.

In contrast Sunakawa seem to only shine when he is helping Takeo with a task or two. Even though Sunakawa’s birthday was included in this volume, it is clear that Takeo is the main character. While Sunakawa’s birthday was the main focus in this particular chapter, his importance is quickly overshadow by Takeo’s encounter with an old classmate. Ironically it seems that Sunakawa only really become a main part of the story when he is helping Takeo with his problem. Whether this is intentional or became this way because Takeo is bigger than life itself remain a mystery for now. Sunakawa’s stoic side has been reduce by a significant margin near the end of the story. Which is a good thing since it gives the reader another glimpse of Sunakawa’s character. Sunakawa’s quiet supportive nature provide a nice contrast to Takeo’s vigor and help ease some of the tension within the story.

As the volume comes to an end, the reader can enjoy a cute and laughable ending. The authors does a really nice job of toning down the over the top comedy and reducing it to a nice small cackle. Not many manga can control the amount of comedy it provide to the reader. Most of them are either over the top or it sneaks in a few jokes that may or may not work. It is nice to see a type of comedy that is soothing from the beginning to the end. I would highly recommend volume 3 for its slice of life moments and the fact that Sunakawa show up a lot more often near the end. It is highly worth the read and I look forward to reading more in the future.