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Kinokuniya Bookstore Review

In New York, its very hard to find certain places that sell Japanese merchandise. However, if you wanted to go anywhere to buy those kinds of things and more, Kinokuniya Bookstore is where you should be headed.

Kinokuniya Bookstore is originally a Japanese bookstore that first originated in Shinjuku, Tokyo. After only being in Japan, Kinokuniya has spread into countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan and even here in the United States.  

The Lobby floor consists of books about geek culture, keychains, nonfiction and other genres of novels. There are also books that help express and share new cultures for everyone to learn about. The basement floor is where things become a little more interesting with fashion magazines, art supplies, and a few anime and manga magazines. Searching around you should find Torotoro plushies, copic markers, Nintendo hanafuda cards and DIY jewelry. Until you realize there is an upper floor, thats where things get very fun for those that love anime. Along with a small cafe, there are tons of anime merchandise. Video game guides, the latest manga of any series, Illustration art books, music CDs, anime DVDs, posters and figurines can be found and fill your nerdiness to your heart’s content. Some of the rarest items can be found at Kinokuniya. Even though most of the merchandise is in japanese, you would still be able to go crazy just deciding what to buy.     

Beware that you may need a lot of money if you plan on geeking out, the lowest you should bring with you is probably $25 considering the fact that almost everything is imported from Japan. They even contain merchandise of series such as Durarara, Tokyo Ghoul, Mekakucity Actors and Free that is hard to find anywhere else other than online.     

Kinokuniya Bookstore has multiple locations in America and around the world. You can visit their website for more information.