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Kickstarter Project: Red Ash


On July 4th, a new project was shown and is now being funded through a Kickstarter campaign. This project is called Red Ash.

Red Ash is a series created by the minds of Keiji Inafune(Creator of Mega Man), Kazushi Ito and Masahiro Yasuma(members of the Mega Man Legends team) and more of Keiji’s partners. Taking characters from a now finished work of his, Mighty No.9, Red Ash is a 3D action-adventure game that also includes 3rd person shooting elements. The plot takes place with Beck, a young male with the ability to use his left arm as an artillery of weapons, being tasked with infiltrating the interior of the KalKanon, a mobile Citadel making its way on a crash course to the city of Great Slope. Beck isn’t alone though. Tagging along is his partner, Tyger, and their mission-assigner, Call. This game isn’t just meant to be an RPG, it is meant too have a variety of gameplay elements incorporated as more of the project is funded. However this is only Red Ash -The Indelible Legend-, there is also Red Ash -Magicicada-.

Red Ash -Magicicada- is the anime series that takes the characters of the game in order to make the two adaptions parallel too each other. STUIDO4C, is the studio that will have creative freedom of the story and the original image of the main characters. The story of -Magicicada- is based upon treasure hunting, but the way the story is executed is all based upon the imagination of the creators. The main characters are the same, but their look and interpretation is completely different. The story will be directed by the mind of Yuta Sano, a 3D animator and CGI artist.

The planning for Red Ash personally sounds amazing, however there are ways too make it better. Not only are the personal teams working on the series, but people are able to send in their ideas to both teams too also help with the creation of this series. Here is the link to the two Kickstarters: -The Indelible Legend- and -Magicicada-. Let’s help comcept and Studio4C reach their goals!