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Jet Set Radio (PS3) – Review

Back in 2000, SEGA released an amazing title: Jet Set Radio! 12 years later and still today, Jet Set Radio is available for people too enjoy on PSN and Xbox Live Arcade.

From starting the game, a warning message appears stating that graffiti is a form of art but also a form of vandalism. And from that, you learn the core mechanic of this game. Jet Set Radio is a skating, rail-grinding and tricky game where you tag all around Tokyo-to, Japan with your custom-made graffiti. However, fulfilling this task isn’t easy. During each mission, you must avoid Chief of Police: Captain Onishima and the SWAT team and their attacks too stop you. You take the role of Beat, a young run-away teenager, that forms the GGs, a gang of graffiti artist. As you complete missions, you will meet other crew members that wish to test your skills. Complete their challenges and have them join your gang!

The game begins with a tutorial by one of your crew members, Gum. She shows you the ropes of how to not only control your character, but to pull of tricks such as grinding, wall riding and tagging graffiti all over the place. Future crew members will also test out how well of a gang leader you are in order to strengthen your skills as a leader. Not only is the game extremely fun to play, but it is great to look at and listen too. For being the first cel-shaded game created, it looks cool and has an awesome feeling too it. The music is also amazing to listen too. Mostly composed by Hideki Naganuma and various other artists such as F-Fields and Deavid Soul, the soundtrack features an amazing variety of songs. From rock to hip-hop and funk to metal, Jet Set Radio’s soundtrack is something you may even enjoy if you don’t even play the game!

Jet Set Radio is an amazing title that many people still enjoy, even though it is 15 years old! The game is difficult, but the feeling of success after completing a mission is fantastic! There is also a sequel title, Jet Set Radio Future, however it only released for Xbox. Jet Set Radio costs $10.00 for both PS3 and Xbox, if you would like to try out the game before purchasing there is also a free demo. Even if you don’t have an English PSN, the game is also available on the Japanese PSN and you can purchase a card from us to help you enjoy this title.