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Instant Delivery Guaranteed for Everyone

Today we are introducing Instant Delivery Guaranteed for everyone.

What is Instant Delivery Guaranteed for everyone?

While we already provide Instant Delivery for our verified customers, from today, we guarantee the same service to all of customers. Everyone regardless of their verified or unverified status will get their gift cards/gift codes delivered to their inbox instantly once the payment has been completed.

How Fast is Instant Delivery?

It should takes less than 300 milliseconds (less than a third of a second) for the delivery email to be sent out. However, since it also depends on how fast your email provider’s server is, it may take up to several seconds.

Is there a first time customer verification?

No, everyone means everyone, including your very first order from us. However, if your payment is flagged as potentially suspicious (one such flag for this would be accessing our website with a VPN), we will then require personal documentation for further verification.

Do I need to send in my personal documentation for verification purposes?

Unlike other stores, we don’t require submission of your government ID card or any kind of your personal documentation unless your transaction is flagged as potentially suspicious. So as long as you are not up to any funny business, you will not be asked to provide any form of verification.

Do I need a phone number for verification?

We won’t call nor send you a text message to verify your phone number. You don’t even need to give us your phone number to make a purchase from us.

Are orders going to be processed manually still?

No, orders are verified automatically.

Are there any purchase limits?

There are no limits on how much you can purchase per day, per week or per month. This also apply to first time customers as well.

Finally… aren’t you afraid of potentially fraudulent activities?

Like all e-Commerce stores, of course we hate facing those sort of situations, but we aren’t afraid of it. We have our own way to prevent fraudulent transactions from deterring us. We want to prioritize our customer’s experiences over ourselves.

Start shopping now and get your code in less than a second!