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Fire Emblem If (FE14)

Back in January’s Nintendo Direct, a new Fire Emblem game was unveiled. Currently for America there isn’t a definite title for the game. However in Japan, a lot of circulation and news has been rolling out for Fire Emblem If.

However, it isn’t just Fire Emblem If. This time instead of just one game being released its 2 games. Both take the story of a war between 2 kingdoms: the peaceful Hoshido Kingdom and the glory-seeking Nohr Kingdom. By choosing which game you buy, you also choose which kingdom you’re representing. The games are separated by title, Byakuya Oukoku and Anya Oukoku. Those that purchase Byakuya will represent the Hoshido Kingdom and will also face a more friendly story. However, those that purchase Anya will represent the Nohr Kingdom and will be faced with harder challenges.

Those that buy a digital copy of the game in the Nintendo eShop will have a choice of which kingdom they wish to follow. At Chapter 6 of the game, you will have to make your choice and once that choice is made there is no turning back. The only way to access both storylines will be by purchasing both. There will also be DLC that allows a 3rd story option, where you can choose neither side.

The gameplay follows the same as previous titles. A turn-based tactical RPG with Avatar customization, a vast amount of weapons and different abilities and gameplay elements. In the game, you’re also able to create and develop a town of your own. Along with the stories you can choose, the choices you make will heavily influence the story you decide to play. Each kingdom’s story has their own main characters, however all characters of the overall story will appear and their personalities will differ on how you play the game.

Along with the rest of Nintendo’s latest games, Fire Emblem If will receive Amiibo capability. With access to a Marth, Ike, Lucina or Robin amiibo, you will be able to tap your amiibo into the game and meet each of those characters. From a trailer in today’s japanese Nintendo Direct, it was shown that you will be able to fight those characters and possibly be able to have them join your adventure after beating them.

Fire Emblem If is developed by Intelligent Systems and will release in Japan on June 25th,2015 for 4,700 Yen(plus tax). However, outside of Japan the game will not release until 2016. If you are looking to buy a digital copy, you can buy a japanese Nintendo card from us: