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Christmas Time is Here!!

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With this being the final week before Christmas, there are probably some things you are looking for yourself or for those special someones in your life! Follow along for some cool gifts to discover and great presents that you may definitely enjoy.

For the Gamer in your life or in yourself, you may be looking for a new console or even some games too play yourself. Back in November, Nintendo announced that they would have a bundle for $280, featuring a Wii U with Super Smash Brothers. Wii U and the game that won best Multiplayer and Shooter, Splatoon! For those that already have a Wii U, you should definitely search for Xenoblade Chronicles X. Xenoblade X is an amazingly beautiful title featuring music by Hiroyuki Sawano and 300+ hours of a Sci-fi and Action filled RPG Adventure. For those interested more in the Playstation 3 or 4, a few games you may enjoy are Disgaea 5, Jet Set Radio, Skullgirls Encore and Fallout 4! You can actually purchase Nintendo eShop and PSN cards from us if you wish to receive these games digitally.

If Music is something that you’re looking for, iTunes is one of the best places you could look at. A personal favorite musician of mine is Mikito-P and he has recently released an album titled Mikiroku, featuring beautiful songs composed and mostly sung by himself. Some more albums recommended would be from Paramore. There music is old, but it really does hit home into your emotions. Both of these artists are on iTunes Japan, so there won’t be a problem with using one of our cards too even purchase music that isn’t Japanese.

If you’re into apparel, there are many accessories and pieces of jewelry across many different stores! If eye-wear is one of your interests, Tokyo Otaku Mode holds many glasses- some inspired by Hatsune Miku and Street Fighter. However, some other ones are replicas such as these Bayonetta 2 Glasses. If you prefer dark and beautiful jewelry, The Rouge and The Wolf store has an amazing array of rings and necklaces. A few of these pieces are the Hecate Ring and the Moonrise Necklace. Those aren’t the only 2 stores with decent merchandise, but there is also my RedBubble store where I sell Art Prints. Just a few of these are Lost Retribution and Mother Centipeedle, 2 prints that you can get in a multitude of items.

There are still many products and gifts that aren’t listed here, but don’t let that limit you. You can purchase many different cards from us to help you prepare for your future orders and gifts. No matter where you are, we hope you have a Happy Holidays!

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Instant Delivery Guaranteed for Everyone

Today we are introducing Instant Delivery Guaranteed for everyone.

What is Instant Delivery Guaranteed for everyone?

While we already provide Instant Delivery for our verified customers, from today, we guarantee the same service to all of customers. Everyone regardless of their verified or unverified status will get their gift cards/gift codes delivered to their inbox instantly once the payment has been completed.

How Fast is Instant Delivery?

It should takes less than 300 milliseconds (less than a third of a second) for the delivery email to be sent out. However, since it also depends on how fast your email provider’s server is, it may take up to several seconds.

Is there a first time customer verification?

No, everyone means everyone, including your very first order from us. However, if your payment is flagged as potentially suspicious (one such flag for this would be accessing our website with a VPN), we will then require personal documentation for further verification.

Do I need to send in my personal documentation for verification purposes?

Unlike other stores, we don’t require submission of your government ID card or any kind of your personal documentation unless your transaction is flagged as potentially suspicious. So as long as you are not up to any funny business, you will not be asked to provide any form of verification.

Do I need a phone number for verification?

We won’t call nor send you a text message to verify your phone number. You don’t even need to give us your phone number to make a purchase from us.

Are orders going to be processed manually still?

No, orders are verified automatically.

Are there any purchase limits?

There are no limits on how much you can purchase per day, per week or per month. This also apply to first time customers as well.

Finally… aren’t you afraid of potentially fraudulent activities?

Like all e-Commerce stores, of course we hate facing those sort of situations, but we aren’t afraid of it. We have our own way to prevent fraudulent transactions from deterring us. We want to prioritize our customer’s experiences over ourselves.

Start shopping now and get your code in less than a second!

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Kickstarter Project: Red Ash


On July 4th, a new project was shown and is now being funded through a Kickstarter campaign. This project is called Red Ash.

Red Ash is a series created by the minds of Keiji Inafune(Creator of Mega Man), Kazushi Ito and Masahiro Yasuma(members of the Mega Man Legends team) and more of Keiji’s partners. Taking characters from a now finished work of his, Mighty No.9, Red Ash is a 3D action-adventure game that also includes 3rd person shooting elements. The plot takes place with Beck, a young male with the ability to use his left arm as an artillery of weapons, being tasked with infiltrating the interior of the KalKanon, a mobile Citadel making its way on a crash course to the city of Great Slope. Beck isn’t alone though. Tagging along is his partner, Tyger, and their mission-assigner, Call. This game isn’t just meant to be an RPG, it is meant too have a variety of gameplay elements incorporated as more of the project is funded. However this is only Red Ash -The Indelible Legend-, there is also Red Ash -Magicicada-.

Red Ash -Magicicada- is the anime series that takes the characters of the game in order to make the two adaptions parallel too each other. STUIDO4C, is the studio that will have creative freedom of the story and the original image of the main characters. The story of -Magicicada- is based upon treasure hunting, but the way the story is executed is all based upon the imagination of the creators. The main characters are the same, but their look and interpretation is completely different. The story will be directed by the mind of Yuta Sano, a 3D animator and CGI artist.

The planning for Red Ash personally sounds amazing, however there are ways too make it better. Not only are the personal teams working on the series, but people are able to send in their ideas to both teams too also help with the creation of this series. Here is the link to the two Kickstarters: -The Indelible Legend- and -Magicicada-. Let’s help comcept and Studio4C reach their goals!

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Store currency changed

Hi our valued customers,

Due to several financial issues, we had to change our store based currency from US Dollar (USD) to Japanese Yen (JPY). Orders from now on will be billed in Japanese Yen. The actually prices are being keep almost the same as before, so there will be not much changes on how much you would be billed for the same product. PayPal will automatically do the conversion work for you so you are still able to use the USD balance in your PayPal account.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your continued support.

Happy shopping,
Japan Codes Team

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Hype Train 2015

Last year left a pretty big trail of things to come this year. Wether it was video games or special events, there are a lot of things too look forward to this year.



At last year’s E3, Nintendo released information of their new IP: Splatoon. Unlike most shooters, this one isn’t about killing. It’s about inking the competition and clearing the battlefield with as much ink as you can. Even when not in battle, there is much to do such as customize your Inkling with different outfits and just simply the beauty of this new game. And just in time to catch up with Smash Bros. 3DS/Wii U and Mario Party 10, Splatoon will also be getting amiibo capability. The Boy Inkling, Girl Inkling and the Squidling will also release the same day as the game. Splatoon releases May 29, 2015 for the Nintendo Wii U.

Durarara ×2!!

Durarara ×2!!

Last year, Durarara was confirmed too get a 3-part second season in celebration of its 10th Anniversary. Each part would consist of 12 episodes and also continue the story of where the graphic novels led after season 1. With the first part, Shou, already being concluded with a surprising ending; Ten, the second part, will begin in July. After that the third and final part: Ketsu, is predicted to air next year January. Fans have been waiting for season 2 of this amazing series since it first ended back in 2009. Now that we’ve gotten it and aren’t even almost done, the adventure and mystery this anime has too unravel will surely be thrilling.

Kingdom Hearts Unchained Chi

Kingdom Hearts Unchained Chi

Two days ago, Square Enix Germany posted on their twitter a picture of a book . This book was an item from the Japan only mobile game: Kingdom Hearts Chi. The day after that, a game was unlocked for the rest of the world. Kingdom Hearts Unchained Chi will be releasing for Android and iPhones, most likely this year. Which means that there is a chance Kingdom Hearts will show up in some form at this year’s E3.

Kingdom Hearts 3

Kingdom Hearts 3

The hype for Kingdom Hearts doesn’t end there however. Since last year, the hype for Kingdom Hearts 3 has been very high. Fans have speculated when it will release and what the game will have to offer. It is not confirmed if this game will be at E3, however it is confirmed that Kingdom Hearts 3 will show up in some form at the Disney 23 Expo in Japan.

Super Smash Bros.

Super Smash Bros.

Super Smash Bros. For WiiU and 3DS released last year and the hype for the game ceases to end. With a Nintendo Direct that was shown on April 1st, Nintendo has given fans too decide which characters they also want to appear in the game. Not only that, but past characters will be returning and some new game modes that come as DLC. Thats not all, there is also rumors of characters already being planned on joining the battle. This hype for this title will not be dying out anytime soon.

Digimon Adventure Tri

Digimon Adventure Tri

Digi-Destined around the world should be prepared to come together once again. Celebrating their 15th anniversary, Digimon will be getting a new series that follows the original first season cast. From trailers and posters that have been shown, the animation and atmosphere of the anime looks amazing. Instead of episodes, this series will have a 6 different movies to tell its story. The first movie is planned to release on November 21 of this year.

There are still many things that are being planned for this year that we might not know yet. As of now, fans of many series and companies all around the world are preparing for what news or changes will come for them. Only time will be able to tell what fans and the internet will be excited for next.

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Kinokuniya Bookstore Review

In New York, its very hard to find certain places that sell Japanese merchandise. However, if you wanted to go anywhere to buy those kinds of things and more, Kinokuniya Bookstore is where you should be headed.

Kinokuniya Bookstore is originally a Japanese bookstore that first originated in Shinjuku, Tokyo. After only being in Japan, Kinokuniya has spread into countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan and even here in the United States.  

The Lobby floor consists of books about geek culture, keychains, nonfiction and other genres of novels. There are also books that help express and share new cultures for everyone to learn about. The basement floor is where things become a little more interesting with fashion magazines, art supplies, and a few anime and manga magazines. Searching around you should find Torotoro plushies, copic markers, Nintendo hanafuda cards and DIY jewelry. Until you realize there is an upper floor, thats where things get very fun for those that love anime. Along with a small cafe, there are tons of anime merchandise. Video game guides, the latest manga of any series, Illustration art books, music CDs, anime DVDs, posters and figurines can be found and fill your nerdiness to your heart’s content. Some of the rarest items can be found at Kinokuniya. Even though most of the merchandise is in japanese, you would still be able to go crazy just deciding what to buy.     

Beware that you may need a lot of money if you plan on geeking out, the lowest you should bring with you is probably $25 considering the fact that almost everything is imported from Japan. They even contain merchandise of series such as Durarara, Tokyo Ghoul, Mekakucity Actors and Free that is hard to find anywhere else other than online.     

Kinokuniya Bookstore has multiple locations in America and around the world. You can visit their website for more information.

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Tried to reach some Japan Codes copy-cat sites, but got no response

As mentioned in previous article, some (probably) scam sites are using our name to sell Japan gift cards. We thought we should go a little further step to protect our customers. A few days ago, we decided to contact those sites.

Here are two sites we were trying to contact:



Many sites out there are doing the same business as us, but copying and using our name make customers confused. We politely asked them to stop copying our site and stop using our name, but they have yet to respond.

The former site might has been abandoned for some times, but the latter’s social account is still actively posting status.

We’ll update when we got their response.

Have a nice day!

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Beware of Scam Sites Using Our Name!

We have receive complains about customers purchase gift cards from Japan Codes but never get it delivered to their email. We have heard complain about customers being contacted by Japan Codes to advertise and convince to buy gift cards. Please be noted that we never contact our customers and ask them to buy anything. Please beware that there are some sites out there using our name and pretend to be Japan Codes. is our only official site. We have no relationship with any of those sites. We will not be responsible for any loss or whatsoever caused resulting from a buying gift cards from one those sites. We want to inform you that these sites may be scams. We do not like to see our customers taken advantage of and felt it was important to let you know about this issue.