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EDGE Review

Ow The Edge Originally an iOS mobile game back in 2008, EDGE made its way to the 3DS 2 years ago. The game seems very simple, but the puzzles you face can be a bit tricky.

Just from looking at a screenshot of the game, it seems similar to Bloxorz a maze computer game. However, EDGE has a charm too it that makes it enjoyable. A simple idea that plays very complex. The controls can be changed but, the default controls move the block in an isometric direction.

The goal of this game is too, well, reach the goal of each puzzle. However, that isn’t so easy. In each puzzle there are prisms too collect in order to increase your speed. Also to help you reach the goal quickly, whenever you are on the edge of another block, the amount of time spent on that edge is subtracted from your total time. However, there are also secret passages along the way so stay weary of those. Not only is playing the game fun, but the game’s soundtrack sounds great. The game feels very calming with how simple it is.

There are different versions of EDGE on iOS, Steam, Android and WiiU. On iOS there is also EDGE Extended that features more puzzles and also costs the same as EDGE, $2.99. At the moment, Steam is having a 90% sale on the game which prices it at $0.79. The sale ends in 17 hours so hurry! The WiiU and 3DS version costs $1.99.

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Star Fox Zero E3 Demo Review

There are some people who are into Star Fox and those that aren’t. And even those that aren’t or never played a Star Fox game are still very impressed and psyched about Star Fox Zero!

Last year at E3, Nintendo showed Shigeru Miyamoto playing an early version of what would be the next Star Fox game. As time went by, speculations of what the game went like spread until a bit of information was shared. The Star Fox website referenced the new game, titled: Star Fox Horizons. With Nintendo’s 2015 E3, the game was shown to us and also a bit of the design behind it. Star Fox Zero isn’t a sequel, nor a prequel. It is supposed to be a re-imagining of the Star Fox series and honestly, it looks great. The game itself looks beautiful, but with the gameplay shown it also looks amazingly fun! And at E3 and Nintendo World, you might have gotten the chance to experience this.

Getting the chance to try out the game at Nintendo World, with a couple of friends, was a fresh and really cool experiencing. Never having played a Star Fox game, the controls of the game felt a bit difficult. However after awhile of trial and error, one would be able to grasp the controls and enjoy themselves. The Arwing feels easy to control until halfway through the demo, where you are required to protect the General’s tower from enemy walkers. However, the Walker feels easy to control and very entertaining. The most welcoming thing of the controls is the Wii U gamepad. The gamepad is used as your cockpit in order to increase your shooting accuracy, and it works amazingly well. The best part of the game is also the way it looks, especially on a big screen. The game looks smooth and it will really capture your attention.

With the game being a re-imagining, the definite story of the game is yet unknown. However, it may have the same story as the original Star Fox 64. Also since a lot of time has passed since Star Fox 64, new mechanics are implemented into the game to change it up greatly. Since this is only a review of the Demo, there will definitely be a lot more available when the game releases. Star Fox Zero is expected to release Holiday 2015, which could possibly be around Black Friday.

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Mario & Sonic at the 2016 Rio Olympics

The game some people asked for and the game some people didn’t care for. Mario and Sonic are back at it again for the 2016 Olympic games!

Originally starting back in 2008 at Beijing for the Wii and DS, the 2 are back to back again. Facing new athletic challenges along the way to the gold. Not only are there new challenges but there are also more characters from the Mario and Sonic series joining the competition.

In Nintendo’s Direct and Micro-Direct more news of the actual Olympics was shared with us, even before the actual news! The 2016 Olympics will take place in Brazil, Rio Grande. Not only will there be more sports, but Futbol(soccer) will be taking a special place in the Olympics. Volleyball and Rugby will be hosted and Golf will be making a comeback into the competition after 112 years! The WiiU will exclusively have Rugby and the 3DS will have Golf.

An exact release date is unknown but the games may release all around 2016 for different continents. The WiiU version may come earlier than the 3DS version and it is also unknown if amiibo functions will be included. Either way, Mario and Sonic are ready to bring the heat to Rio Grande in 2016!

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New Content! – Super Smash Bros. 3DS/WiiU

This morning, Nintendo had a Direct for Super Smash Bros. WiiU and 3DS. Masahiro Sakurai presented the world with extravagant new content and many surprises!

As soon as the Direct started, a challenger makes a comeback: Roy! Originally from Super Smash Bros. Melee. Showing no mercy, Roy brings on the fire with the Sword of Seals. Being a clone character of Marth, there are still differences. He is meant to be a close combat sword fighter and with enhanced strength, he is stronger than he was before. Roy returns along with Lucas, from Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Both characters will cost $3.99 each, if you buy the characters for both WiiU and 3DS, it will cost $4.99.

There are also new costumes to customize your Mii Fighters. With the 2nd Wave of costumes comes Megaman.EXE from Megaman Battle Network, Isabelle from Animal Crossing and the Inkling Boy and Girl from Splatoon as Gunners. ZERO from Megaman X will be a Swordfighter costume. Jacky from Virtua Fighter and Akira from the original Virtua Fighter will be available as Brawler costumes. There is also a Squid hat based off Splatoon available. Each costume costs $0.75 each.

For some new characters and fighters that haven’t gotten an amiibo, that changes! The Mii Gunner, Brawler and Swordfighter will also be available as Amiibos. When activated, you’re able to freely customize the character to your liking not only by equipment but also by costumes. Also announced was an R.O.B amiibo, a Duck Hunt Duo amiibo, Falco amiibo and a Mr.Game & Watch amiibo. With Mr.Game & Watch being a flat character, different interchangeable poses will be made for him. These amiibo and Zero Suit Samus, Ganondorf, Olimar, Dr. Mario and Bowser Jr. will be available in September.

There are also new stages too come! Dream Land from Super Smash Bros. 64, makes a return for WiiU and 3DS being $1.99. Not only will Dream Land be returning, but Hyrule Castle ans Peach’s Castle is planned to release soon. The Miiverse stage will also be releasing today, for free! On this stage, you are able to see drawings and posts from the Miiverse that support the characters on stage. You might even see your own drawings there! Tourney Mode is also finished in development. It was stated that Nintendo wanted to work on it a bit more before releasing it, so it will not release until August. Another feature is being added into the game: YouTube! Replays that you have saved are now able to be uploaded to YouTube, but you will need a Google account. An exact date for the service hasn’t been said yet.

And for the final announcement, a new challenger approaches: Ryu! Ryu from Street Fighter joins the battle to look for a challenge! This rendition of Ryu is based off of Street Fighter II. Not only does he look the same, but the way he plays is the same as well. Being the King of Combos, if you input the commands of some of his attacks from Street Fighter they will also work for Smash Bros. Using these combos will allow you to pull off greater attacks and head to victory! Not only is he the first character too have different input commands, but he is the first character too have 2 Final Smashes! As a Final Smash from afar, Ryu can pull off the Shinku Hadouken. However, if you’re close to an opponent you can quickly destroy your opponent with Shin Shoryuken! Along with Ryu comes a new stage and a new Mii Brawler costume. You can fight on Ryu’s stage, the Suzaku Castle just like if you were playing Street Fighter. Not only are you able to play Ryu’s Theme as the background music, but when the battle nears its end the music will change. Not only is Street Fighter joining the battle, but a Tekken character will be available as a Mii Brawler costume: Heiachi! Ryu and his stage together will cost $5.99.

With Ryu, Roy and new Mii Fighter costumes available now, the competition will surely heat up! Also don’t forget about Lucas making a return today from Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Overall, all of this new DLC unveiled will cost about $25 so make sure you purchase a Nintendo eShop card from us if you have access to the Japanese eShop or have enough money. Also, tune in tonight for the Nintendo World Championships! You can watch it Nintendo’s official E3 page:

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Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon

Along with the main games, in the Pokemon series there are also side games with their own stories. One of these side series is titled Pokemon Mystery Dungeon and a new title is coming soon!

Since Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, people were questioning what Pokemon’s next game would be. Since then, fans were given free-to-play games such as Pokemon Shuffle and Rumble World. Still unsure what the next major game was, speculation rose too a confirmation date of May 22nd. Instead of it actually being given on May 22nd, on May 21st, Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon was announced.

Since then, no news was told about the game except the time it will release. With Nintendo having a Direct on May 31st and a Micro-Direct on June 1st, more news was shown to us about the game. The story is the same as the previous games, one day you have awaken in a mysterious world as a Pokemon. Instead of battling as a Trainer, you are now the Pokemon yourself and you will be traveling and exploring new dungeons along with your partners. A vast amount of dungeons will be explored along with an adventure of 720 Pokemon to meet. From the gameplay shown in both Directs, the cutscenes are unlike any other Pokemon game. Breath-taking cutscenes along with many areas too see, Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon will be an amazing 3D adventure to embark on.

Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon is planned to release for Japan in the fall and for North America in the winter. This game will be for 3DS only and it is unknown whether this game will also have amiibo capability with Pikachu or Jigglypuff.

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Fire Emblem If (FE14)

Back in January’s Nintendo Direct, a new Fire Emblem game was unveiled. Currently for America there isn’t a definite title for the game. However in Japan, a lot of circulation and news has been rolling out for Fire Emblem If.

However, it isn’t just Fire Emblem If. This time instead of just one game being released its 2 games. Both take the story of a war between 2 kingdoms: the peaceful Hoshido Kingdom and the glory-seeking Nohr Kingdom. By choosing which game you buy, you also choose which kingdom you’re representing. The games are separated by title, Byakuya Oukoku and Anya Oukoku. Those that purchase Byakuya will represent the Hoshido Kingdom and will also face a more friendly story. However, those that purchase Anya will represent the Nohr Kingdom and will be faced with harder challenges.

Those that buy a digital copy of the game in the Nintendo eShop will have a choice of which kingdom they wish to follow. At Chapter 6 of the game, you will have to make your choice and once that choice is made there is no turning back. The only way to access both storylines will be by purchasing both. There will also be DLC that allows a 3rd story option, where you can choose neither side.

The gameplay follows the same as previous titles. A turn-based tactical RPG with Avatar customization, a vast amount of weapons and different abilities and gameplay elements. In the game, you’re also able to create and develop a town of your own. Along with the stories you can choose, the choices you make will heavily influence the story you decide to play. Each kingdom’s story has their own main characters, however all characters of the overall story will appear and their personalities will differ on how you play the game.

Along with the rest of Nintendo’s latest games, Fire Emblem If will receive Amiibo capability. With access to a Marth, Ike, Lucina or Robin amiibo, you will be able to tap your amiibo into the game and meet each of those characters. From a trailer in today’s japanese Nintendo Direct, it was shown that you will be able to fight those characters and possibly be able to have them join your adventure after beating them.

Fire Emblem If is developed by Intelligent Systems and will release in Japan on June 25th,2015 for 4,700 Yen(plus tax). However, outside of Japan the game will not release until 2016. If you are looking to buy a digital copy, you can buy a japanese Nintendo card from us:

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Persona Q: Shadow of The Labyrinth Review

The most beloved series from the Shin Megami Tensei: Persona franchise come together for another crossover, and yes it is canon. Persona 3 and Persona 4 come together at Yasogami High School for a new adventure. It isn’t Persona 4 Arena for PS3 or Xbox 360, it’s Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth for Nintendo 3DS!

The story takes place between 2 days after the P3 Protagonist’s cultural festival cancellation and on the day of the P4 Protagonist’s cultural festival. After both heroes and their crew hearing the seventh wonder of Yasogami High: the Yasogami Bell, they are sent to a world that is based directly upon Yasogami High’s cultural festival. However, in this world only the 2 teams, the Velvet Room’s: Elizabeth, Theodore, Margaret and Marie and 2 strangers found within the first labyrinth are alive. These 2 strangers are Zen and Rei, both having amnesia and only remembering their closeness as friends. Zen being very quiet but also being very protective of Rei and Rei, herself, being a girl that stays by Zen and loves to eat sweets. After meeting the 2, you learn of their memories being hidden within each Labyrinth and now its your mission to recover those memories.

This game may seem familar to those that have played the Etrian Odyssey series. For the 3DS, Atlus had to utilize the first person navigation and battle system. Travel around to explore and unravel the labyrinths with a custom map and teammates also able to help navigate you for certain Requests. In the hub world you’re able to buy new weapons and armor, heal your party, travel with 4 of your 18 companions and even go for casual strolls! However with all of this, if you want to beat this game quickly then you’ll need to be very dedicated. Along with your journey you’ll be accompanined by fantastic music and abstract worlds. For anyone that buys the game, you’ll get half of a Persona tarot card set. In order to obtain the other half, you would need to buy a copy of Persona 4 Arena Ultimax Suplex Hold for PS3 and Xbox 360.

For anyone that loves the Shin Megami Tensei: Persona series, this would be a fun game to play and add to your collection. For those that would like to try something new, go for it! It could be a great introduction to each sides story considering the fact that this game takes place before the end of Persona 3 and Persona 4. Also for those that are waiting eagerly for Persona 5 to release, this would be a great and fun pass time for you.