Bamboo Blade, Vol. 1 Review

Bamboo Blade tells a story about a bet between Kojiro and his senpai Kenzaburo Ishibashi. If Kojiro can form an elite squad of female kendo students and beat Ishibashi’s team, then he is entitled to a year’s worth of free sushi. However if Kojiro loses the bet he has to forfeit the most precious item in his room. Kojiro considers … Read More

Jet Set Radio (PS3) – Review


Back in 2000, SEGA released an amazing title: Jet Set Radio! 12 years later and still today, Jet Set Radio is available for people too enjoy on PSN and Xbox Live Arcade. From starting the game, a warning message appears stating that graffiti is a form of art but also a form of vandalism. And from that, you learn the … Read More

EDGE Review

Originally an iOS mobile game back in 2008, EDGE made its way to the 3DS 2 years ago. The game seems very simple, but the puzzles you face can be a bit tricky. Just from looking at a screenshot of the game, it seems similar to Bloxorz a maze computer game. However, EDGE has a charm too it that makes … Read More

Star Fox Zero E3 Demo Review

There are some people who are into Star Fox and those that aren’t. And even those that aren’t or never played a Star Fox game are still very impressed and psyched about Star Fox Zero! Last year at E3, Nintendo showed Shigeru Miyamoto playing an early version of what would be the next Star Fox game. As time went by, … Read More

Mario & Sonic at the 2016 Rio Olympics

The game some people asked for and the game some people didn’t care for. Mario and Sonic are back at it again for the 2016 Olympic games! Originally starting back in 2008 at Beijing for the Wii and DS, the 2 are back to back again. Facing new athletic challenges along the way to the gold. Not only are there … Read More

Kagerou Daze -In A Daze- Review

The series originally starting back on February 17, 2011 with the song Jinzou Enemy, the Kagerou Project didn’t obtain major popularity until September 30, 2011 with the song Kagerou Daze. The Kagerou Project has been developed into several media adaptions, all with different story Routes that lead to one ending. The novel adaption is just one of the routes. The … Read More

New Content! – Super Smash Bros. 3DS/WiiU

This morning, Nintendo had a Direct for Super Smash Bros. WiiU and 3DS. Masahiro Sakurai presented the world with extravagant new content and many surprises! As soon as the Direct started, a challenger makes a comeback: Roy! Originally from Super Smash Bros. Melee. Showing no mercy, Roy brings on the fire with the Sword of Seals. Being a clone character … Read More

Assassination Classroom, Vol. 1 Review

Presumably, everyone has been to school at least once their life, and there is always a teacher or two we come to hold in high regard. On the other hand, there are also the teachers who we love to hate for one reason or another.” Of course every new school year is filled with different expectations and promises, and while … Read More

So I Can’t Play H, Vol. 1 Review

When one imagines a grim reaper, an image of a tall figure with a dark robe and a long scythe comes to mind. Luckily for Ryosuke Kaga, his first encounter with the personification of death was with someone much prettier than expected. That grim reaper is none other than Lisara Lestorl who comes from the most distinguished house of all … Read More

Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon

Along with the main games, in the Pokemon series there are also side games with their own stories. One of these side series is titled Pokemon Mystery Dungeon and a new title is coming soon! Since Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, people were questioning what Pokemon’s next game would be. Since then, fans were given free-to-play games such as … Read More