SHOWTIME!! – Skullgirls Review

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Set in the Victorian Era where our hair is possessed, androids attack and our singers are actually cat-skeletons, everyone is fighting for it – The SkullHeart. However, the only way to reach that is through one of the best arcade style 2D fighters known to Ladies and Gentlemen everywhere – Skullgirls!! Skullgirls is a 2D Arcade-style fighting game created by … Read More

Sonic Runners Review


In November 2014, the well known Sonic Boom started out, and it was a bad game among the thousands of people who have played it. Instead of the next game being a console or major handheld game and related to the Sonic Boom spin-off series, Sonic Team returns and hands us a better game that BigRedButton didn’t give us. Sega, … Read More

Super Smash Bros. for 3DS/WiiU – Climax Review


Since the day it was announced, Super Smash Bros. was a big title for the Nintendo 3DS and WiiU. We would be getting our first Smash game for a handheld device and a game that could be 1,000 times better than Brawl. Mr. Masahiro Sakurai didn’t disappoint at all! Although the game has been out for a year, the DLC … Read More

Culture & Travel Series Post #2: Some Places to Shop!


If you’re travelling to Japan and at a loss as to where to shop, look no further! This post will give you a couple of different places that are good for shopping so you can snag the best deals and the hottest products in stores. Japan has a lot of different famous malls and shopping centers that have a variety … Read More

Culture Series Post #1: Hanami / Flower Viewing


With the holidays at its close and the winter nearing the finish line, we will soon be diving straight into the spring season. As quite a few of you readers may know, spring is packed with fun and new cultural experiences in Japan. In this blog post, we will specifically be focusing on Hanami (花見), which literally translates to “flower … Read More

Nisekoi / False Love Review


(Please note that this review covers the entirety of the manga with minimal spoilers and does not focus solely on volume 12) Nisekoi, written and illustrated by Komi Naoshi, bears a simple concept. The story revolves around a high school boy (who ages at the series progresses) by the name of Ichijou Raku (last name, first name). Despite his yakuza … Read More

Christmas Time is Here!!

With this being the final week before Christmas, there are probably some things you are looking for yourself or for those special someones in your life! Follow along for some cool gifts to discover and great presents that you may definitely enjoy. For the Gamer in your life or in yourself, you may be looking for a new console or … Read More

Instant Delivery Guaranteed for Everyone

Today we are introducing Instant Delivery Guaranteed for everyone. What is Instant Delivery Guaranteed for everyone? While we already provide Instant Delivery for our verified customers, from today, we guarantee the same service to all of customers. Everyone regardless of their verified or unverified status will get their gift cards/gift codes delivered to their inbox instantly once the payment has … Read More

Naruto Ultimate Ninja Retrospective – Ultimate Ninja Storm 4


Now that we’ve covered all of the Ultimate Ninja console games that have been released, its time to talk about the next installment in the series: Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4. With the original manga already over and the anime also nearing its end, its time for the games to maybe come to a close as well. On December … Read More

Shokugeki no Soma/Food Wars, Manga Review

Shokugeki no Soma, otherwise known as Food Wars! in the U.S. is a shonen manga that follows Soma Yukihira on his quest to become a better chef than his father. While the main premise seems a bit simple, the cooking techniques that are featured in this manga are anything but easy. Beginner cooks that want to learn how to cook … Read More